What’s old is new

I really enjoy riding my bike with my son or my dog or both.  I have a cruiser bike that I like a but like most products these days it was made in China and has way too many plastic parts.  When it comes to bikes these days there are are millions of low end bikes and some high end very expensive bikes.  The days of going to a department store or local bike shop and getting a good quality bike at a reasonable price are gone.  I assume this is why vintage bikes have become popular, that and hipsters love the feeling of smugness that comes over you when you ride an old bike.


My mother in law was about to sell this Tsubaki ten speed at a yard sale.  I thought that would be a nice bike to ride alone and the price is right-free.  This bike is all metal made in Japan, not one plastic part.

new tires

Today I restored this bike a little bit new tubes and tires, new handle bar wrap.  It was pretty satisfying and I learned a little bit.  It took some tuning but the bike rides well and shifts easy.  In fact I really like the shifting because there is no slipping due to plastic parts like on my other bike.

Restoration Complete

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