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My website has a comment function and I really enjoy getting feedback, especially stuff that is not spam.  Joey Steed of left the following comment and it meant a lot to me that he took the time to do that.

Your Shaker dresser looks real good. Nice Job. Is that maple wood? What wood did you use for the drawer sides — walnut? Are the drawer backs maple as well?
I work in a cabinet shop 45 minutes (interstate travel) south of Atlanta, Ga. Since we produce a lot of cabinets, we don’t have time to dovetail our drawers. We use butt joints and a nail gun! It’s not a pretty as a dovetail joint but we build ‘em fast and we build ‘em sturdy. My shop uses all wood construction — no particle board and usually no MDF. However, if the customer wants to save some money; we will make the cabinet doors out of MDF.
Anyhow, I just wanted to connect with you and let you know that your work is appreciated. I took woodshop way back when I went to High school (circa late 70’s) and at the time, I never thought I’d ever use any of the skills I learned back then. Please tell your students that even if they don’t plan on ever working with wood for a living, that they will never know when the skills they learn in shop will benefit them later in life. Things like reading a tape measure (you’d be amazed at how many young men come to our shop looking for work and they can’t even read a tape measure), using the correct power tool for the job at hand, how to safely use all the tools in the shop, etc. There are so many great life lessons to be learned in a woodshop class.
I also enjoyed reading the articles on your website. As soon as I find the time. I’m going to make one of your cutting boards, the Smart phone Lamp (I love that one ), and maybe my on version of the checker board table. Have a great day. I salute you sir for carrying on the torch and teaching tomorrow’s leaders.

Joey, thank you for the kind words.  Stay tuned to my projects updated plans are coming. February is a tough month in education, budgets for next year are being slashed, the kids are either crazy or giving up on their year, on top of that it seems like the paperwork and added duties just keep coming.  If you read the newspaper it seems like very few politicians value what happens in your classroom.  This is the time when many educators think about leaving the profession instead of signing on for next year.

So if you are reading this let a teacher know that you value what they do everyday, let them know their job is important.  Making a donation or buying a gift is fine, but letting that teacher know they are a valued, could make all the difference.

That being said, I also receive feedback that I would not say is negative, but perhaps critical of my opinions.   Mary Jane of commented.

We are custom furniture painters in Northern Virginia and do not agree with your blog. We have painted many pieces of furniture and given then an entire new life.

I thought alot about approving this comment and I decided to approve it.  I am a big boy and I can handle some one with a different opinion.  Thanks for letting me know.

Finally a while back Craig Rower messaged me on facebook

table built by Craig

You posted a piece back in October about a table and chairs that got me to thinking. My mom has been wanting a new dinning table but she has had problems picking out a color because there is 3 different wood colors in her house. I think we solved the problem by making it like this. It tied all of the colors together and gives her a wider range of colors to choose from for chairs. I’m not ready to tackle the chairs quite yet but I had a lot of fun making the table. In the center is an old floor grate from a cold air return that I salvaged from and 1880’s home that was being taken down. Makes a perfect place to set hot dishes. Keep the inspirations coming and have a great Christmas!!!

Wow Craig, I am honored that I gave you a little inspiration.  I am honored that you wanted to share the fruits of your labor with me.  Keep up the grate work!  Thank you very much.

So tell me what you think, leave a comment!

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