Table and Chairs

My wife has been requesting a new kitchen table and chairs.  The four leg table and large chairs we inherited from my parents did not work well in our house.  I would have liked to build a kitchen table and chairs. However there is just not enough time in the day to build everything I would like to build and complete every project I am assigned by my wife.  Also I did not want to buy garage furniture from a big box chain store.  On a Saturday a few weeks ago I found a pedestal table at a yard sale.  The table is oak and similar to something I would build so I bought it.  The table needed to be refinished, but a guy like me has everything to do that on hand so by Sunday night the table was done and in our kitchen.   IMG_3812

To make sure the chairs and table match my plan was to buy unfinished chairs.  Luckily Woodcrafters Furniture opened in Woodbridge, they specialize in variety fine furniture much of it unfinished, that can be finished to your specifications.  Best of all, Woodcrafters is locally owned business.   They had many many chairs to choose from, I was drawn to these because: 1. They are 100% oak, bent into shape, no fiberboard or laminate.  2. They have lumbar support bent into the back slats which makes them very comfortable. 3. The chairs are Amish made which means high quality and made in the states.  I persuaded my wife and we bought a set of four.

It took some time to finish all four chairs, stain and three coats of polyurethane.  Sanding between the coats of polyurethane and giving wet polyurethane a day to dry eats up your schedule.


IMG_3842 IMG_3864

Overall I am extremely happy with the table and chairs.  Even though I did not build these I was part of the process of making them our table and chairs.  Also a little sweat and elbow grease probably saved me some money.

Finally let me close by saying, people (by people I mean you ladies) please stop painting furniture.  If it is not poplar or pine, don’t paint it.  I am sick of seeing fine wood furniture painted at craft shows, on tv and on websites.  You think it looks cool now, in 5 years that piece of furniture will be like an avocado color fridge from the seventies. IMG_3866

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