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I build many different projects for sale, but I only do one craft show a year.  Really one craft show is all I can tolerate.  Craft shows are attended by 3 groups of people: 1. People looking to buy unique hand made things.  2. People looking to get a huge bargain because they have no concept of cost of labor.  (These people often have fanny packs and can be seen waiting outside wal mart on black friday).  3. People looking to tell you that they can do what you do, but better. The last two groups of people get on my nerves and interactions with these people would lead to a conflict.  That is why the only craft show I attend is at my wife’s work. Key thing about this craft show, it is at an office that means everyone that comes to this craft show has a job and a level of education beyond high school.  This eliminates the ridiculous bargain hunters and people who do not understand quality.  The final craft show trade off is that if I am building products for the craft show I am not building things for myself and my family.  Building my own unique projects is why I got into woodwork.

The craft show at my wife’s work always goes well and if you sell about half of what you brought to the craft show, you have done well.  Here is what is left and it is for sale.  Yes I ship, yes I take credit, paypal, and I will consider trades or bartering.  E-mail me if you want to buy an item

IMG_3942   IMG_3943

Post Office Piggy Banks: The doors are post office box doors from the 1960s.  I get the doors surplus and refinish them.  They all work and use a three letter combination like a master lock.  The bodies are cambia poplar.  $80



Name Stools: These are the stools I currently have and want to get rid of, if you know Jacob, Katie, Tyler, Emily or Sarah, buy one of these.  $20


End grain cutting boards: Cutting boards are one of my favorite projects because they are extremely useful and the beauty of the wood is highlighted by the finish and use of the board.  The finish is a walnut oil and beeswax paste I make myself, it dries hard and gives the board a hard sheen.

IMG_3962 Cheese boards $25

IMG_3963 Walnut, Cherry and Maple $55 IMG_3969 Maple, Cherry, Walnut, with juice strip $55

IMG_3970 Cherry, Maple Walnut, $50

Pastry cutting board: This cutting board is made of straight grain pieces and it is 1 1/2″ thick.  It is heavy and super sturdy. You will not find a board that thick in a retail setting.  $60


Iphone Acoustic Speaker: This focuses and amplifies the sound from your iphone using resonance just like an acoustic guitar. Youtube does have the audio quality to capture the increase in sound volume. It works surprisingly well and it does not need batteries, perfect for your desk or you child’s room.  $15

Rustic Bottle Opener magnet cap catch: Attention hipsters, this product is for you! It is something that looks old and it works well with terrible tasting craft beer.  This way you can say “See Orson and Atticus, I told you I was into craft beer before everyone else, look how long I have this bottle opener, see the wood is so filled with angst it has turned gray.”  Or if you are a regular guy that likes to drink beer this will open your beer bottles, it looks cool, and the magnet will catch your beer caps.  $25


Curly Oak Bottle Opener: This bottle opener was build by the Naked Luthier.  He builds guitars, does awesome inlay work, he lives on my street and is rarely naked.  This is curly oak with a border tortoise and mother of pearl .   This opener is truly a work of art. $40.   IMG_3971

Wine presentation Rack: Display your wine before you drink it.  $15 IMG_3941

So you want to buy something?  E-mail me


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