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Ladies the following is why you marry a man and not a grown child that plays video games, watches wrestling or a hipster of any type.


Modern appliances are not built like they used to.  Plastic parts, more complicated systems, more parts that can fail and perhaps a design that includes a finite lifespan to generate replacement purchases.  My mother had a washing machine that lasted 20+ years and that is not a euphemism.  My Dad fixed it a few times, but they got the machine before I was born and I was 23 when they replaced it.  I have a Kenmore HE2 and I have fixed it twice in 4 years.  Also it currently leaks because it has a torn door seal, that repair is on my list.  Currently I feel like it is a fight to get modern appliances to last more than five years.

Today we have an error code F-33.  If you google that you will find the code means bad drain pump, clogged drain pump or no connection to drain pump.  Also you will find that a replacement pump is about $100.  This is where the appliance math starts:  cost of new part + time waiting for part to arrive + work needed for pump install = cost of new washer?  You access the pump by taking the panel below the door off, 3-1/4″ sheet metal screws on the bottom of the panel.  Design flaw 1 if you need to clean it out regularly, don’t hide it behind panel that is screwed on.  The pump has a lint trap and this is the most likely spot for the clog.  Turn the plug for the trap to the left, water will drain out of the pump.

IMG_3443 IMG_3436

Look what I found! about 3 dollars in change, 3 screws, a piece of plastic, and several wood chips.  Next I checked the pump by disconnecting the hose on the back and feeling inside the pump.  There was a large wood chip jamming the impeller, I work the piece out and freed the impeller.  Make sure you replace any hoses you disconnected prior to turning the washer on.  Also you may have to unplug and restart the washer to clear the error code.

I plugged the washer in and attempted to run it.  About five minutes in I got a F24 error code.  I have dealt with this before, there is a temperature sensor with wiring that breaks loose do to vibration.  Design flaw 2 its a washing machine it will shake, your wiring should stand up to the shaking.  I took the back off and re-soldered the wire in place.  We are once again washing clothes.


Be a man, fix something.

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