Make a Beautiful Cutting Board 3

After planing you need to decide on a shape for the cutting boards. You could make 90 degree or rounded corners. You could make a handle or a hole to hang the board up. It could be a two sided or one sided board.

IMG_4178                     IMG_4177
I decided to round the ends and the layout I used was an upside down dinner plate. I carefully cut the boards on the bandsaw then sanded the ends. I then used a 1/2″ roundover bit on the top only. With feet on the bottom of the board the 90 degree bottom edge makes the board look like its floating.
Next there was a lot of sanding and more sanding after that.


The feet are rubber pieces that fit into a 3/16″ hole. I like these on a smaller cutting board, it keeps the board from sliding.
If everything is smooth you are ready for finish. Mineral oil works well and its cheap. I like to make my own beeswax and mineral oil finish. This protects the board and gives it a really nice sheen. The best part about this step is that the finish really makes the colors in the board pop.  Three coats of finish and the board is done.

IMG_4180 IMG_4182

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