Lawn Ker-Plunk

During the Summer months everyone is looking for a fun outdoor party or BBQ game.  My friend AJ recently built lawn Ker-Plunk and brought it to a party my wife and I attended.


AJ informed me that his game was based on plans he found at this   This game is great because you can play along a rigid format where people take turns or you can play a loose format where people take a stick as the mingle and walk by the game.

2 tips we developed while we were playing: 1. Play in 2 or 3 tiers moving top to bottom.  People take a stick and then place it lower in the cylinder, this means you do not have to replace as many sticks at the end of the game.  2. Play on a tarp or blanket that way you can pick all the balls up at once and place them in the cylinder.

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