I am the great Cornholio

In recent years the backyard bean bag game has become very popular.  It goes by many names cornhole, bags, hipster horseshoes, tailgate toss.  The game is very easy to build.  In fact way to many people have started online businesses building these games.  Its a box on an angle with a hole in it.  A monkey with metric plans written Russian could build this game.  By all means DO NOT BUY THIS GAME, build it.



But this game has a problem, its not the game itself, its the people that play it.  Many people that play this game are incapable of having fun without making it about themselves OR finding fault in something.  If you go to a well attended barbecue where cornhole is being played you encounter the “douche bean bag”.  It starts with comments like this:

“Are these boards certified by the ACAA (American Cornhole Association of America)”

“I missed the board.  These boards must not be the correct distance apart.”


“I am gonna start a business building these.”

“You know the surface of these is supposed to be slick, but not too slick”

“Hey dude, that throw was a foot fault”

“Are you sure these bags are the correct weight?”


“I am thinking about going pro.”

So this game is alot of fun.  But all you have to do is have fun, shut up and have fun.  Our classes built about 20 sets this year.  We modified plans from Wood magazine to use 2×2 lumber and we shortened the set to 3 feet.  Rabbets and pocket holes for joinery.  Before all you Douche bean bags open your mouth, this is the tailgate or travel size cornhole.  The set fits easily in the trunk or back seat of a car.  In fact the boards really don’t need to be larger than this, the game is still really fun and no one can tell the difference.  Unless you are a douche bean bag.  The best feature of this set, it folds up and latches together to travel/store.

IMG_3527 IMG_3526 IMG_3533

After we built a bunch I had two innovations.  First for a surface you can use engineered flooring.  It eliminates having to paint the boards and they look marvelous.  Go to your local flooring company/installer and see what they can part with.  If you use flooring total construction time for the set is about 1 to 2 hours.

IMG_3525 IMG_3529

Second, if you use fold out legs you can make a cornhole board into a tailgate coffee table.  Just put a second set of legs on the other end of the board.  This table is the perfect size for lawnchairs that sit low to the ground.

IMG_3528 IMG_3532

So if you are not a douche bag, build a cornhole set, most importantly have fun.

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