Free Plans

Here you will find my free plans for woodwork projects. 

2×4 Checkerboard Table



Toolbox Plan/Template

makers box
makers box

toolbox plan

toolbox template


This project was created with preschoolers!
This project was created with preschoolers!

Cellphone Recipe card Holder
cellphone_recipecard holder

Wine Caddy or Wine Presentation Set
Wine presentation set1

Until I can update these plans they will require enlarged printing.


Here are new CAD plans for the Iphone charging Lamp:  iphonelamp-plans  This is built from 1×6 material.  You will also need a lamp kit, old work junction box, 6A push button fuse and an outlet with face plate.

To wire the lamp you will need an old work junction box, a lamp kit, an outlet and 5 amp push button fuse OR a USB outlet.  The wiring diagram is from a Smartboard file I apologize if its hard to read.  Make sure all the connections are in the junction box.  Lamp wiring diagram.

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